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Specialty and Quality Products are our
Customer Satisfaction

Family Owned since 1960

We work with you on your design to take it from just a concept, to a production quality product.

Ensuring Quality Product Delivery

Providing High Quality and Precision Services in multiple industries since 1960.

Anything bar stock related, we can machine in the USA.

We also provide outsourcing services for your projects. Heat treating, Black Oxide, and Passivation. We get it done for you!

  • All products are thoroughly inspected in-house through a strict quality control process.
  • We have up to 1 5/8" bar stock capabilities on our screw machines. Anything bar stock related, we can machine in the USA.
  • We provide free delivery for local shipments.

High Quality and Precision Services for Multiple Industries

Providing services for as many aspects as possible during the manufacturing of your product.

Specialty Coatings and Processes

Passivation, Black Oxide, and Powder Coating. We provided these outsourcing options for you.

Heat Treating Solutions

If you need additional hardening of your product, we are able to provide heat treating outsource services to you as well.

Fadco Metal Products, Inc.

We strive to provide the best customer experience possible.

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